Legal effect/Security

Electronic contracts are printed documents and
have the same legal effect as contracts.

The effect of an electronic contract is
specified by law.

Basic Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Transactions

In the Korean Civil Act, the principle of non-food is followed, which recognizes the establishment of a contract only by an agreement between the parties without a separate formal request. In other words, legal effect is recognized if you prove that you have agreed to the terms of the contract regardless of the form of the contract.

Basic Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Transactions

Article 4 (Effect of Electronic Documents) ① The legal effect of electronic documents is not denied solely because they are in electronic form.

Article 4-2 (Written Requirements for Electronic Documents) Where an electronic document meets all of the following requirements, the electronic document shall be deemed in writing. However, if there are special provisions in other laws and regulations or electronic forms are not permitted due to their nature, they are not considered in writing.
1. The contents of electronic documents may be viewed.
2. Electronic documents will be preserved in the form of creation, conversion, transmission, reception, or storage, or reproducible in such a way.법령/전자문서및전자거래기본법

Electronic signature law

Article 3 (Effect of Electronic Signature)
① The effect of electronic signatures as signatures, signatures, or registered seals is not denied just because they are in electronic form.
② If an electronic signature is selected by signing, signing, or signing in accordance with the provisions of the Act or an agreement between the parties, the electronic signature shall have the effect as a signature, signature, or signature seal.법령/전자서명법

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